Gifted: The Succubus Chronicles Book 1 Evelynn Gale



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Gifted: The Succubus Chronicles Book 1  by  Evelynn Gale

Gifted: The Succubus Chronicles Book 1 by Evelynn Gale
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After four years of hard work and rigorous training, Arianne Fairchild has come to her final test as a sorceress: the Trial. Desperate to prove herself and become the first female Grand Magus on the Council of Magi, Arianne will do everything she canMoreAfter four years of hard work and rigorous training, Arianne Fairchild has come to her final test as a sorceress: the Trial. Desperate to prove herself and become the first female Grand Magus on the Council of Magi, Arianne will do everything she can to pass the trial and be allowed to pursue the Pilgrimage and prove herself worthy of the title of Magus.

But Arianne, hard-working and inventive as she is, has never exhibited a powerful magical ability. Arianne is desperate for her chance, and she will do anything to get it.

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